Permude villagers on toes against MRPL, OMPL, SEZ; Panchayat/taluk official’s absence irked villagers

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Mangalore/Bajpe, June 24:  Villagers complained in the Panchayat meet, which was held recently under the leadership of Panchayat president Shridhar Shetty that cultivation of crops or practice any type of agricultural activities in Permude area has become a difficult task for the permude people due to the works undertaken at SEZ, OMPL and MRPL.

Therefore it was decided in the meet the panchayat would seriously look into the matter and come out with suitable measures against them.

The situation was further aggravated and enraged the villagers due to the absence of village accountant  and taluk panchayat members and thus meeting had to be postponed until 12 pm.The meet began once after district panchayat vice president Ritesh Shetty succeeded in pacifying the villagers.

Villagers also demanded that work of the development of Nayak Farms road be done jointly by panchayat and SEZ.They also threatened with dire consequences if they observe any negative response.

Officers from various departments, vice president Hemavathi, secretary Nagesh, and village panchayat members were present.

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