Inauguration of AHIND awareness conference and a seminar by Jayanand Devadiga

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Mangalore, June 22: On behalf of AHIND people’s movement, AHIND awareness conference and a seminar was held at city’s Ravindra Kala Bhavan along with felicitation programme for newly elected MLAs and ministers on June 22, Saturday.



M B Abdul Rahiman said in his presidential address that it has been already confirmed by the upper class people that we are from the backward class and in our organization there are three main castes i.e backward class, who are always fighting for reservation, Dalits who are fighting for constitutional reservation/rights and third category is Muslims, who have been kept apart by the upper class people.




He said further that the caste system is a curse for the society and there are 7200 caste systems are there. We have been kept apart by upper class people in religious celebrations. Reason for this is we have been alienated religiously, logically and scientifically and dependency has been increased and hence there is no fighting mentality. Therefore we have to unite together mentally and fight against who wants to destroy our strength, he added.



The programme has been inaugurated by Jayanananda Devadiga by lighting the traditional lamp. Thereafter addressing the gathering he said that now chief minister is from AHIND group and wished for the smooth functioning and success of his government for five years. If a backward class person becomes upper class, will be recognized under the control of upper class.


Now in AHIND organization there are already thirty castes are there. This AHIND unit was established in dakshina Kannada in 1989 and this organization must continue like this, he added in his speech.


In Karnataka pro-AHIND government is running but still we have to be very cautious in some aspects because in all the cases, one cheating will be there, which we are unaware about it. When we are aware means, which means AHIND has raisen its head.

Ahinda_janajagruti_saminar_11 Ahinda_janajagruti_saminar_12

Purushothama Poojary,president of the organization said in his speech that this  type of organizations are needed and total of 85% AHIND people are there in the country. Government has released some announcements on behalf of AHIND and has to be created awareness amongst AHIND people for implementation.

In the meeting justice B A Mohammed Haneef asked the people, why we cannot convert reservation system into requisite system?

Sadananda Poojary, Prof.Rita, Chamachala Dayakar P Deekayya, William D’souza, Raeeza Naser were present in the programme.

Photo source: Sathish Kapikad

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