Chicken everybody’s dish but price beyond the reach of common man in Mangalore

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Mangalore, June 21: The chicken is everybody’s dish and consumed not only in India but almost in all parts of the globe in their daily menu by the people.

However price of the chicken is skyrocketing like anything and has become so precious like gold. In the recent past few days the price of the chicken has become costlier and unbelievable in the Mangalore market and currently chicken is being sold at Rs 135/per kg, which is 12.5% more as compared to last year for the same corresponding period. The reason behind this spiraling increase may be due to either supply is less or demand may be more.

Last year the price of the chicken was sold at Rs 120/-per kg and this year increased to Rs 135/per kg, an increase by 12.5 % (Rs 15/-kg increase) as compared to the last year for the same corresponding period is reason for concern of consumers.

For the first time, the price of broiler chicken has raised much to the concern of consumers. Both in broiler and Tyson varieties at least 200 grams or sometimes even more go as wastage and the consumer will get just hardly 800 grams of chicken for Rs 135.

Presently, chicken with skin is sold at Rs 180 per kg and without skin for Rs 210 per kg. The prices of chicken dishes too have seen a phenomenal increase in hotels consequent upon the price rise. It is not just chicken prices, but even eggs are dearer and costs Rs 5 per egg.

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