Dengue/ Malaria symptoms and prevention techniques.

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Mangaluru, June 17: Sudden fever, pain on the temple, eyeballs, and muscles are the symptoms of dengue fever.

If one finds symptoms such as red blisters on the body, reddening of eyes, bleeding from the gums and nose, red coloured urination, and black stools, such persons have to visit the district hospital immediately.


Persons suffering from dengue have to use mosquito nets in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Surroundings should be kept clean, proper disposal of solid waste, once in a week -temophos chemical should be sprayed to the standing water, by taking such measures, breeding of mosquitoes can be controlled.

To control mosquitoes, overhead tanks and cement tanks have to be closed properly. The plastic items, tyres, coconut shells should be immediately disposed. Fishes should be cultured in wells and ponds. The water present in air-cooler, flower pots, and decorative money plants should be changed weekly, stated a press release of Health Department.

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