Yes, the fragrance of the Jasmine, which attracts national recognition

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shankarapura mallige

Mangalore, June 17: Jasmine flower, which happens to be major commercial plant for many, has its own place in the region because of its unique fragrance, which attracts many in the region and abroad.

On the recommendation of horticulture department sometimes back to union government to extend national recognition to Shankarapura Jasmine, now jasmine grower’s dream has come true and has now Jasmine won national identity and honor for itself.

Definitely this identity will bring smile on the growers face and will help them to market the flowers grown by them even in foreign countries and thereby get good return.

mallige plant-17.06.2013

According to the survey, approximately more than 25,000 farmers from the district are engaged in the cultivation of jasmine.Shankarapura Jasmine is not only famous in local markets but also printed its name in foreign land as well.

It is used prominently in almost all the auspicious functions,wedding ceremonies across coastal Karnataka including temples. One of the growers Andrew Lobo expressed his happiness over the recognition of Jasmine. In general, Jasmine growers have expressed the opinion that they would be able to reap benefits of this accreditation only when arrangements are made for directly exporting the crop to foreign destinations.

Ramakrishna Sharma Bantakal,president of Jasmine Cultivators association, while expressing his happiness over the  national recognition for Jasmine said that this will act like a patent for these flowers and that this  in eefect,has bestowed the right to grow jasmine to coastal farmers.

At present jasmine growers are dejected due to crashed prices because of poverty amidst plenty phenomenon and although jasmine is grown in abundance, rates generally plummeting during rainy season because of auspicious functions.

The good rainfall that the district has been witnessing of late has started yielding bumper crop for jasmine growers of Shankarpura. But due to abundant supply of this fragrant jasmine in the market and wedding season coming to an end, the farmers are not exactly laughing their way to the bank yet. Last week the price per atte (a measure) was Rs 110 on Thursday, Rs 130 on Friday and Rs 170 on Saturday. This week the price per atte was Rs 130 on Sunday and Rs 150 on Monday.

Raghavendra Nayak, a progressive farmer from Shirva who has been growing jasmine for the past 15 years along with vegetables, told that though the price for jasmine fluctuates, it has provided supplementary income for many families, who otherwise had to engage in beedi-rolling job. Now these families are earning additional income from cultivating jasmine, he said.

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