How in-humane some wealthy people are? Hapless people will always remain in tears!! No mercy, no justice….Why??

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Mangalore, June 12: It is always a trend that rich people shows indifferent approach towards poor and lose their real identity, humanity because they are rich. Besides sometimes they involve in sinister activities too!! Here is one such classic example for that nefarious activity to substantiate it.



This has happened in Yemmekere near Pandeshwara. Although rain was pouring profusely outside, the eyes of the people inside filled with tears because that was the dominance of the landlord. There are three houses in the compound, which includes the house of landlord himself.



Landlord has vacated his house a few months back and was insisting other two remaining tenants to vacate.But tenants were reluctant to vacate as they could not afford to do so because of their financial background.


Pandeshwara_rain_problm_6 Pandeshwara_rain_problm_7


Realizing the tenant’s refusal to vacate, landlord hatched a conspiracy to vacate them by blocking the smooth flow of rain water through nearby channel with soil so that flood water will enter in front of their houses in the courtyard.




With this kind of deceptive act of the landlord, tenants of the two houses are now suffering and decided to remove the soil dumped, which landlord has put to block the flow of water  and to harass the tenants and  they are now directionless.




One of the members said that last year there was no problem for the smooth flow of the rain water through channel but this  year landlord has done it deliberately in view of vacating them, he added

What a pity episode this is !!!!!!!!

Report by: Nishmita Bekal, Photo source: Sathish Kapikad

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