‘Tarzan’ in UAE to solve residents’ problems

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An Egyptian claiming to have supernatural abilities to solve all sorts of problems of people duped numerous gullible residents but could not use his powers to evade arrest.

The 47-year-old suspect who calls himself ‘Tarzan’ was intercepted at Sharjah airport with his loot comprising gold worth Dh136,000 and a huge amount of cash.

The arrest followed several complaints the police received. One of them was a gold retailer, who alleged that the suspect had sold ‘stolen’ jewellery to him.

Initial investigations revealed that he had come to the UAE several times and had successfully escaped after looting people. However, this
time he was trapped at the nick of the moment.

He approached people walking on the streets and those praying at mosques and introduced himself by convincing them that he could solve any of their problems.

Some people who believed his ruse would invite him to their homes. Once he gained access to people’s homes he would make them believe that there was an evil spell in that place and ask the residents to bring jewellery or cash in order to purify the place.

In some cases, he approached people saying he was from a charity organisation and made away with their ‘donations’.

Some of the victims identified him. The suspect has confessed to police that he did con people using fraudulent means.

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