Focus on cleanliness; Prevent spread of Dengue-Says Dr K N Vijayprakash

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Mangalore, June 11: While addressing the district authorities of all the departments, in the meet held at Zilla Panchayat office,Dr K N Vijayprakash,commissioner,Zilla Panchayat has appealed to health department, Women & children welfare, Agriculture department,labour welfare,Industrialist,educational institutions to co-operate in controlling and preventing the spread of Dengue fever in the district.

Education department, along with creating awareness amongst teaching staff and in all Government, Private, Aided, unaided schools, children should be taught about focusing on cleanliness/tidiness.

Besides, if children come across any symptoms of Dengue in their family or in neighbors house, they should brought to the attention of their respective teachers, subsequently teachers must inform the nearest primary health centers in their area.

He also informed to social welfare and zilla administrators of backward community group to instruct, all government ladies hostels to keep their hostel and premises neat/clean and tidy and advise the children to use mosquito curtains.

He also suggested to women and children welfare department and Anganwadi administrators to instruct the parents about the children compulsory to wear clothes which cover their full body and to use mosquito mesh in their windows and doors.

Besides, he also suggested organizing a meet in villages and creating awareness about the seriousness of dengue fever amongst rural people with slogan like from dengue “save yourself and save others”. In this context agricultural department, Revenue department, Gram Panchayat developmental authorities must come forward to take a lead.

Focusing on cleanliness, tidiness and health is everybody’s individual and social responsibility and fundamental right, he added.

Since dengue fever is contagious disease, if everybody is engaged in controlling and preventing spread of fever, Dengue can be completely prevented, he said.

Along with district level health officials from health department Dr Arun Kumar Sullia from taluk level health department, Dr Rajesh, Puttur, Dr Ramakrishna Puttur, Dr Kishore Bantwal and Dr Rukmini have been appointed as Nodel authorities, informed Dr O R Sreerangappa.

Since dengue fever is more prevalent in places like Sullia, Puttur, Bantwal public have been asked by Dr Sreerangappa to take preventive measures.

Shree Nazir, Planning commissioner, Dr Sudarshan, MCC health commissioner among other were present in the meet.

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