Esha Vittaladasa Swamiji suggests people to be nature friendly.

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Bantwal, April 17: Ancient saints were closely linked with nature. Nature teaches us to be humane, patient, and affectionate. It is not just to destruct the nature, said Sri Esha Vittaladasa Swamiji of Sandeepani Sadhanashram, Kemar during ‘Prukriti Vandane’ programme organized during the 3rd annual summer camp of ‘Pachche Parba’ held at Uchirandipalke, Maninalkur village in the taluk.

The camp was jointly organized by ‘Arivu Pachche Balaga Bantwal’ and ‘Rangasangatya’ organizations. The children moved in a procession raising pro-nature slogans before the inaugural function.

Bantwa_Pachcheparba_2 Bantwa_Pachcheparba_3 Bantwa_Pachcheparba_4

The camp was uniquely inaugurated by blowing whistles made out of leaves.

The seer emphasized that humans can learn a lot from nature. He congratulated the organizers for holding this programme, which creates awareness on the importance of nature among youngsters, he said.

The seer extended his full support for pro nature programmes.

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On this occasion, unique programmes like singing and reading, play, and salutes to nature were held by ‘Simphony’ team of children’s magazine. The well, trees, plants, and platforms in the hillock where the programme was conducted, were honoured by offering of locally grown flowers and performing Dhooparathi. Killur Deva Rao, who has been known for growing over 150 varieties of paddy, participated in the programme as chief guest.

Dr Shreesha Kumar- Lecturer, Ratnakar Konde, I K Boluwar, head of Nalkur Guttu House, Sharada G Bangera, land owner, Gangayya Bangera, trainer, Premananda Kalmadi, journalist, Gopal Anchan, were present among others.

‘Pachche Parba’ also witnessed the wedding of Radha (23) from Doddaballapur with Srinivas (32).

Cultural programmes were also presented on this occasion.

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