Bisu celebrations organised at Guttinamane in Pilikula Nisarga Dhama

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Mangaluru, April 15: As part of the Bisu festival which is celebrated across the coastal district, a programme was organized at the Guttinamane in Dr Shivarama Karantha Pilikula Nisarga Dhama, in Mangaluru on Tuesday, April 14th.

The culture of celebrating Bisu festival which is celebrated all over the Tulunadu should also be passed on to the next generations, said the former Chancellor of Hampi University Professor Vivek Rai.

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In the Paggu month of Tulu calendar, on the next day of Sankramana the Bisu festival is celebrated. Over a banana leaf, rice will be spread and a coconut will be placed over it. Along with it, paddy, coconut, areca nut, black pepper, banana, vegetables, variety fruits, which are grown in the house and other craft articles will be placed together. A lamp will be lit, followed by a prayer post which the younger ones seek the blessings of the elders. Dishes will be prepared from the vegetables grown near the house. These cultures are fading in the recent days, efforts to preserve the culture is going on in the Guttinamane in Pilikula is laudable, he said.

Bisu Kani: By placing a brinjal to the “Bisu Kani” the Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim inaugurated the programme.

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Speaking on this occasion, DC said the Guttinamane are rarely seen these days, and the cultures are also fading over time. In such a situation such kind of programmes are necessary to make the young generation about the cultures followed in the region during the ancient days.

DK District KSP President S Pradeep Kumar Kalkura, CEO of Pilikula Prabhakar Sharma also spoke on this occasion. Director of Pilikula biological park H Jayaprakash Bhandary, District Superintendent of Police Dr S D Sharanappa, ZP CEO PI Shreevidya, MCC Commissioner Hephsibha Rai Korlapati, Na Damodara Shetty, Professor Chouta, Yashavanthi Alva, and Vijayalaxmi Shetty were present.

Another speciality witnessed during the Bisu celebrations was that vegetarian dishes of about 24 varieties along with sweet items were prepared for lunch.

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