Act of terrorism is against Islam- Gujarat Haj committee Chief M K Chishty

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Mangaluru, April 9: State President of Gujarat BJP Minority Morcha and Gujarat Haj committee Chief- M K Chishty during his visit to the city on Thursday April 9th said, terrorist acts were against Islam, and that Prophet Mohammed himself had said that terror mongers cannot be called as Muslims.

Addressing the media at Circuit House here, Chishty said, as part of the Uroos celebrations at Ullal Darga, I got an opportunity to participate in it. A peace conference was held in Ullal yesterday where many religious leaders were present and burning issues of the world like terrorism and riots were discussed, along with how to solve them, and what religion says on this. Leaders placed their views and I also gave my Sufi views, he said.

About 1,400 years ago, Prophet Mohammed clearly spoke about Islam in Quran and Hadees but some pervert people corrupted Islam and misled, misread and misinterpreted. Hence today people are anxious about terrorism and there is discussion about Islam and terrorism.

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One cannot be Muslim just by name. To be a real Muslim you need to follow the Quran and the Hadees. In the Quran, it is also said that one who saves an innocent saves the entire humanity, and one who kills an innocent kills the entire humanity. Our mission is how to unite humans, promote peace, tolerance, and humanity and also how to face these extremists and negative energies, Chishty added.

Conversing over the ‘maut ka saudagar’ remark by Congress against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chishty said, in the history of Gujarat; when Congress and Janata Dal were ruling prior to BJP, every year communal riots would occur, during Modi’s administration, it has come to control and there were no riots or curfews and even terrorist activities have reduced, he said.

Modi’s idea is that development is not possible without peace. Peace is maintained when the state is free from terrorism and riots. Literacy rate among Muslims in Gujarat is 75 percent as against 56 percent in India. Gujarat Muslims are living in peace and harmony, and Modi has played an active role in this, he said.

Speaking about misappropriation of funds by activist Teesta Setalvad, he said all evidences are available which supports the claims.

During the press meet, Sathish Prabhu and Rahim Uchil were present among others.

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