New device to catch Mosquitoes; Electricity cost only 5 paise per day-Says Orvin Noronha

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Mangalore, June 08: Although mosquitoes are small in sizes, as the dark in the evening invade, menace of mosquitoes bites starts. Due to the harassment of these mosquitoes number of diseases is multiplying every day. Diseases like malaria, typhoid, chicken gunya, and dengue will propagate.



Therefore if we do not take any measure to control the growth of mosquitoes, there will be no doubt that more cases of deaths might happen in days to come, informed Noronha in the press meet.


He also said in the meet that in view of controlling the growth of mosquito’s health and family welfare authorities of MCC have already decided to install Moziquit machine in the vicinity of MCC limit.

Noronha in his press meet address said that when he had gone to Hyderabad, he had an opportunity to witness the exhibition of machines of mosquitoes killing organized by Shree Shakti Gas and Energy, distributor of America’s Bio-physics incorporation. Cost of that machine was Rs 1, 10,000/=with the monthly maintenance of Rs 5000/=.In this machine a chemical called Octonold was being used.


Then he started thinking that whether this expensive machine is feasible in the Indian market?. This incident in fact prompted him to invent cheaper new machine, he said.

For this machine Indian design & patent company has given 10 design registration certificates and available in two sizes big and small with easy operation. Small machine can be used inside the hosue,whereas bigger one can be used outside of the house, he informed.

He also said that this machine is run by electricity and cost of which is only 5 paise per day. Besides cost of the machine also very less i.e smaller machine will cost Rs 990/= and the bigger one will cost Rs 2990/=he added.

Nelson Noronha, MD of the company, Ranjan D’Souza, marketing manager were present in the meet.

Photo source:Sathish Kapikad

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