Prevention is better than cure; increasing instances of Dengue fever being reported

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Mangalore, May 31: In our vicinity we have been coming across different types of epidemic diseases and Dengue fever is the latest addition in the list and reported many instances of dengue fever in different parts of the district.

Dengue fever was first detected at Lingappayya Kaadu dwelling places near Mulky. From the year 2003 onwards, it started spreading from Markanja in Sullia taluk to all over the district. Thereafter it started detecting one after the other in different parts of the district.


Since last year onwards it has spread its wing in cities and rural areas too. In this context, preventive measures have been adopted to control the spread of said disease.

There are three types of Dengue fevers.1).Symptoms of ordinary dengue, fever, bleeding 2).fever and unconsciousness 3).Sudden attack of dengue wherein fever, muscle pain and forehead and eyeballs symptoms of dengue fever.

In the bleeding dengue fever apart from above symptoms, small small red patches all over the body are visible.Bleeding in nose, gums, red urine, black stool, red eyes are some of the dangerous symptoms of this particular disease. If the infection of the virus, which is responsible for the spread of disease, is more, there are all the possibilities of dangerous dengue. There is no particular treatment for the dengue fever which is attacked by virus.


Common fever can be treated at home but when bleeding is observed, hospitalization is the best answer to prevent the spread of disease.Children, pregnant women and aged people are more vulnerable for more dangerous dengue fever attack. Therefore people are being warned of preventive measures.

There is no vaccine for the epidemic diseases which spread through flies and can be prevented with proper care about the health. Responsibility of the every citizen is to ensure that not to make the place of your residence heaven for flies and allow flies/mosquitos to breed.

In order to escape from the bite of flies, every citizen must ensure that surrounding area of the residential places to be kept clean, smoking during day time in the area, apply  anti- dengue oil or cream while working in dengue affected places to escape from the bites of flies.

Photo sourced: through Sathish Kapikad


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