International Bunts Welfare Trust (R) inauguration cermony and ” bunta siri” cultural fest schulded on Feb 07.

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Mangaluru, February 5: Dr N Vinay Hegde, Chancellor of Nitte University will be inaugurating the International Bunts Welfare Trust (R), new organisation of Bunts at a function scheduled at TMA Pai International Convention Centre on February 7th, Saturday in the city.

Sadananda Shetty, Chairman of the Trust informed this to the media on February 4th, Wednesday in a press meet organized in the city.

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He also revealed that the web portal of the new Trust will be launched by Erya Lakshminarayana Alva, veteran writer during the function. He said, the organization intends to strive for the overall development of the Bunt community and also all other communities.

Sadananda also informed that along with this, the organization will also work towards the welfare of senior citizens and the differently­ abled. Further speaking, he said, a ‘Nudi Namana’ will be offered to veteran Kannada activist and centenarian Nadoja Kayyara Kinhanna Rai.

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A ‘Bunta Siri Kala Vaibhava 2015,’ a variety cultural show exhibiting the culture and traditions of Bunt community will also be held on February 7th.

The invitation of Bunta Siri Kala Vaibhava was released on the occasion. On this occasion, Mr and Miss Bunt contest will also be organized.

During the press meet, Shashidhar Shetty, Chittaranjan Shetty, Ramachandra Shetty, Bhasker Shetty Kukkuvalli, were present among others during the press meet.

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