Chaos at ration card renewal centres

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Mangalore, May 22: It appears there is no respite at least for the time being for the problems of district’s ration card holders. The issue had been troubling in one way or other since long and now it is the turns of ration card renewal of old ration cards once again. Ophs!!!!!!!!!

Department of food and civil supplies clarified in its release that people who are holding the ration card, issued prior to the year 2010 must renew their ration card of all the family members including child above twelve years of age.

The people with such ration card are advised to SMS their RCREN ration card number to mobile number 9212357123 and thereafter by getting Token number and security code, card holder should approach any one of the nearest ration card Seva Kendras and make the Biometric done.

Food and civil department has clearly said in its statement that only people those who have registered in this way will only be entitled for the ration and kerosene for the month of May 2013.

Due to this reason in front of related department at DC office heavy rush is being formed. It has been reported the people are finding it very difficult and have to undergo many ordeals in getting their work done with inadequate staff and thousands of applications pouring in.

Although arrangement at DC office for the convenience of the people in the vicinity of Mangalore and Ullal has been done, thousands of people have to wait long time in a long serpentine queue and get tired. Even senior citizens and ladies are struggling to get their work done in the queue.

It is alleged that people have to come as early as possible in the morning presumably at 8.00 am and stand in the queue. In spite of having come early and stand in the queue at 8.00 am in the morning, people have to wait until staff are arrived at 10.00 am. By the time staff arrives, queue will reach up to DC office building’s floor.

On the other hand, plight of office goers who are already in the line. Even after that if people fail to give proper answer and difference is observed for the query asked by the authorities, on one side authorities concerned are getting angry and on other hand ration card holders are getting angry.

Extension of Renewal date:

When people go to ration disbursement shop, people are in fact terrified by the answer from the ration shop owners “Renew your Ration Card and then get your Ration, otherwise no ration”.

Since renewal is impossible before the expiry date of May 25, the people are in dilemma about the fate of their ration quota for the month. This will also affect chief minister Siddaramiah’s announcement of Rs 1/per kg rice.

According to the general public, it is not possible to renew the ration card within short period of notice and this whole scenario has been created only because of limited period of time for renewal and only by extending the date of renewal, this problem can be solved, they opined.


  1. When i sms on this number it’s reply this type ‘ Invalid Retion Card Plz check This card MAY be a Temporary Retion Card’ What can i do tell me plz plz

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