Animal welfare Board of India say rules are violated during Kambala.

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Mangaluru, December 27: Seven complaints have been given by the Animal Welfare Board of India, with the Mulky police on violation of rules during the Mulky Arasu Kambala held on Thursday, December 25th.

However, FIR are not filed and the Kambala organisers have been asked to produce a written document stating that they will not violate the rules hereafter.


Dr Manilal Director- People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) and Kaustub Pal of Animal Welfare Board of India had recorded the Kambala held at Mulky. According to the Animal Welfare Board of India, several rules were violated by the organisers at the event.

Insertion of 2-3 thick ropes through the same hole in the nasal septum causing pain to the animals, splashing slush water on the buffaloes, transporting the animals in an inhuman manner were some of the violations noticed.


The Animal Welfare Board members noted that, “Veterinary care was not available and safety measures employed to unload the buffaloes from vehicles were insufficient, even though hundreds of buffaloes participated in the event”. The Kambala committee members gave in writing to not violate rules.

Kambla has recently resumed after the court order. But now it has aroused confusions.

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