Angels surprize veteran couple at managalure

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Mangalure,Dec .26: On Friday 12th December, Pangal Suresh Nayak, an elderly retired man and his wife Samina had gone to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Mangalore with their car Registration Certificate (RC). On the way the RC was lost. Inspite of all efforts, it could not be traced.

While they were fretting about it, next day on Saturday 13th, two young men Ashwath and Vinod turned up at their house. To their utter surprise there in their hands was the lost RC!

It appears that the youngsters had found the RC near the RTO. After realizing that it was a lost item, they had taken great pains to trace the rightful owners. Though the house address was given in the RC, it is not easy to locate it. But these good Samaritans had made a determined effort to search for and visit the address.

After the precious document was handed over to them, the Nayak couple thanked the boys profusely and commended their good deed.

“In these times where corruption and conning is becoming the way of life, it is refreshing to find two honest and concerned youngsters who should be the role models not only for the youth, but to all of us,” says a visibly relieved Suresh Nayak.

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