MLC Ivan D’Souza attempts to speak Konkani in the State Legislative Council.

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Mangaluru, December 17: MLC Ivan D’Souza made an attempt to speak in Konkani language in the State Legislative Council on Tuesday, December 16th, which was unsuccessful after the Council Chairman urged him to speak in Kannada as most of the members do not know Konkani language. It was done with an intention to point out various issues pertaining to the Konkani language.

Ivan urged the government to initiate measures to teach Konkani at PUC level and said that there has been no response to a draft syllabus which was sent to the PU Education Department nearly two years ago.

A demand was put forth by him to teach Konkani as a third language in primary and high schools of the state and to introduce Konkani Study Chairs in all universities of Karnataka state.

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