Multibeneficial Nutmeg (Jaayikaayi)

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Mangalore, May 18:  Nutmeg, popularly known as Jaayikaayi in Kannada is one amongst the few raw materials used in our daily curries/sambar because of its added taste and flavor.

 Thus Nutmeg has got a special reservation almost in all the kitchens. Nutmeg is also being used in the preparation of sweets preparation. Because of its medicinal properties, it also is being used in the manufacture of homemade medicines.


Nutmeg belongs to “Myristica fragrance” family in botanical science and grown more in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Since it is being cultivated both during summer and winter, it can be used as “Mixed Crop”.


It measures the size of ripped areca nut and when you cut open the outer cover of thick skin (Thogate) you will find areca nut sized seed inside.This is being used mostly in the preparation of ‘Sambar’.

Outer red petals generally called” Patra” are being used in the preparation of Masalas.

Besides Nutmeg is also being used in the preparation of Pickles and Sharbaths (drinks)

Nutmeg can be used in the following disorders:-

1).Loose motion in small Children: In the event of small children suffering from loose motion, rub   the nutmeg with little water and give to childred, loose motion is cured.

2).For those who suffer from dry cough, roasted powder of the nutmeg mixed with jiggery and make balls and keep chewing, cough will get disappeared.

3).If you use nutmeg with betel leaf, mouth will remain fragrance

4) It also helps in preventing bad tooth odour apart from helping in digestion process.

5) The people who do not get sleep in the night, must take nutmeg powder dissolved in hot milk or apply on the scalp of the head, coconut oil mixed with juice from Garuga leaves,Nellikaayi Rasa,Rakthachandana,Ripped areca, you will get a nice sleep.

6).For the quick relief of ulcers inside the mouth, mix nutmeg powder and black jeera powder with honey and apply on it.

7) For the prevention of body bad odour mix nutmeg powder in the water and take bath.

8) For the fragrance of body, you take betel juice with a pinch of nutmeg powder continuously for one week; your body odour will disappear.

9) For pimples rub nutmeg with lemon juice and apply, pimples will disappear

10) By mixing Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg and pepper powder with honey distaste, sound problem, cough prevention etc will be cured and thus nutmeg is multibeneficial item in our day today life.


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