Tusker Stamp made Acharya’s life miserable; deprived of children’s future

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Mangalore/Belthangadi, May17: It was a nightmare for Jaya Acharya, resident of Shanti Nagar, Kallaje village in Belthangadi taluk. It was on the day of 22nd December, 2012 at 9.00 am in the morning Acharya was heading towards Moodigere from Sakleshpura in his motor bike.

Both side of the roads, a beautiful panoramic view of the coffee estate, a soft gentle chilly breez of the early morning coupled with the nuisance of speeding bike’s hissy noise of the air, suddenly from the left side of the hill a tusker arrived near to Jays’ bike. Did he know that that was his nightmare day?


Unaware about the wild elephants except the tamed elephants hitherto in his life, suddenly he applied brake of his bike in a panic and was looking here and there for mahout to arrive to the scene. Within seconds of his search for mahout, tusker caught hold of his left hand with its trunk.

However after struggling for some time with tusker, he managed to escape from the clutches of elephant trunk but stubborn elephant did not stop there, it again caught hold of his right hand and threw him about 30 metre far away outside the coffee estate fence.

No leg, No hand:

Injured Jaya, who was in the midst of thorny bushes outside about 30 metre away from the coffee estate fence realized that it was wild elephant only when he screamed “Amma”(mother) in pain. Unsatisfied tusker crushed Jaya’s left leg in to pieces and made him handicapped permanently and smashed his bike in angry and fling in the air and left the place after looking around for some time in angry.

Some passer-by admitted him to hospital in Mangalore and after undergoing treatment in hospital for about four months, now he has been discharged from hospital and back in his home with his left leg lost its existence and right hand without any benefits.


A fifth standard educated Jaya was a carpenter by profession, skilled, dedicated reliable worker, a good craftsman and an artisan. But destiny proved other way around and in spite of all these qualities now he has to struggle for his square meal because of this tragedy stuck in his life. He had to undergo eight surgeries for the recovery of his damaged leg and hand but it all in vain and has to spend his all the time by sleeping only, he says

No Money:

Hospital bill already crossed 2.5 lakh. Even if we mortgage the house, it may not fetch more than Rs n20,000 because it is a tiny house and was built in 5 cents of government land with earthen bricks and tiled roof, wherein there are six people staying including his age old aunt, he added.

Setback for Education:

My son, Suvin, first year PUC student was studying in Gurudev College, was with him during the treatment period in the hospital for four months, and had to discontinue his education. Daughter Sumana, willing to join PUC but no money for fees and another daughter Sujanitha is still studying in 9th standard. Wife Sukanya is engaged whole day in my treatment. Working hands were crippled.

Apart from medicine bill of Rs 24,000/=other bills like treatment, surgeries, hospital bill, consultation fees etc separate. Treatment is being continued and according to doctors, it might require one more years of treatment. Couples are worried about children’s future.

Tusker’s attack ruined our life, whole family is destroyed with this incident and we are now in hapless state and children’s educations is on the verge of discontinuity and hope that although he does not have enough education, children should not suffer in their education, he says filled with tears in his eyes.

Deceived Forest Department:

Already embroiled with several problems, even forest department has disregarded the plight of Jaya Acharya and shown discourtesy towards him, by not reimbursing the medical bill amounting Rs 20,000/ with so many excuses with their rude attitude and approach. It was like pillars to post journey for him.

This rough attitude of forest department officials without any humanity must be brought to the notice of public and government and must be highlighted by various NGOs, Organizations, Sanghatanas.That was the duty of the forest department officials to monitor the movements of wild animals on the main roads, where people are moving day and night and it shows the laxity of forest department officials.

Does any one of you know why these government officials are so stone hearted???

If anybody likeminded people wants to help for treatment of Jaya Acharya and Children’s education, please take note of the following address:


Jaya Acharya,

Shanti Nagara, Kallaje,

Indabettu Post & Village

Belthangadi Taluk (D.K)

Mobile: 9902339279

Daughter Sumana’s Bank account: Bangadi syndicate Bank, IFSC Code: SYNB 0000198

Courtesy: UV

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