Onslaught by husband on wife for denying house documents; Life threatening to Son by his second wife

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Mangalore, May 15: It has been reported in one of the rarest of rare instances that first wife was brutally assaulted by her first husband along with his second wife and her brother for refusing to part with house documents. This incident has been reported from Farangipete on May 14, Tuesday night and attackers have fled the house after committing the crime, it says.


Sources said that Younis, the husband of Fathima Busra, resident of Farangipete along with his second wife Rubina and her brother Salam came by Kerala registered Ritz car entered the house of Fathima at around 9.30 pm and demanded the house documents to surrender, abused her with foul, filthy languages, threatened her with life and asked her to vacate the house immediately.


After attacking mercilessly both Fathima and his son Sarfaraj, attackers have left the house with some cash, report says.


Details of an episode: Fathima Busra, a resident of Farangipete got married with Younis fifteen years back.But within three years of their marriage younis fell in love with one Rubina and got married with her one year ago and started living separately.

However according to Fathima, even after started living separately from her, younis used to visit her frequently intoxicated and trouble her for money. When she denies him the money, he used to assault her left and right.

She further states in her statement that on May 14, Tuesday night around 9.30 pm, younis along with his second wife Rubina and her brother Salam came to our house and pressurized me to give the house documents.

Continuing her story she said when I refused to bow down to their demand, they threatened me with dire consequences and insisted me to vacate the house immediately and also attacked my fourteen year old son Sarfaraj mercilessly, who came in between to protect me. Finally they fled the house after grabbing around Rupees eight thousand from me, which I collected through rents from the tenants.

Both mother and son undergoing treatment in one of the city’s private hospitals as both of them sustained serious injuries due to scuffle at home.

Fathima Busra said a complaint has been lodged in this regard with Bantwal police station.

Fathima further said that my husband younis, after his second marriage to Rubina asked me to vacate the house many times in the past and used to torture me physically and mentally. However I used to keep silent just for the sake of my three small children’s future. But this time unable to bear the frequent torture by these entire trios physically and mentally, I was constrained to lodge a complaint without any other option, she said.

She said in her complaint that my husband younis with the support of his second wife Rubina and his brother Salam always coming, torturing and scolding, abusing us with their abusive /filthy languages and thereby troubling/disturbing our mental peace and urged the police department to award appropriate punishment in order to avoid recurrence of such future instances and procure us the justice, sources said.

All the aforesaid stories have been emotionally narrated by Fathima to representative of GulfKannadiga.com, who paid a visit to the hospital where they are undergoing treatment.

Photo source: Sathish Kapikad.


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