Indian Economic Summit-2014 will be co-hosted by Panama Corporation.

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Mangaluru, November 5: Mangalore-based industry Panama Corporation has been recognized for the co-hosting honour in Indian economic summit -2014. The conference will be organised at Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi from 5 pm to 7 pm under the collaboration of World Economic Forum and the Federation of Indian Industry.

The reputed companies along with Algro Logistics, Reliance Industries, Bajaj, and Mahindra and Mahindra are in the co-hosting committee of the conference. Panama  Corporation has got a chance to host the conference which makes the company as well as Mangalore proud said the firm’s CEO Vivekraj, at a press conference on Monday, November 3rd.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the conference. The central finance minister and dignitaries from the country and abroad will participate in the conference. The conference will open new opportunities for the expansion of the Panama Corporation. The positive results not only benefit the company’s progress, but also Karnataka and Mangaluru.

Looking over the lots of global opportunities in ore and mineral business, Panama Corporation was set up at Mangaluru in 2006. I had a dream to identify Mangalore and Karnataka state, as well in the field of Minerals and ore business in the global map and Panama Corporation was successful in this, he said.

Panama Nature fresh Pvt limited.

In order to expand the business in agricultural sector, Panama Nature fresh Pvt limited was established in 2013, as a co-firm of Panama Corporation.  The company brought land of about 2800 hectares for contract at Chikmagalur from farmers and began the agricultural business with the most advanced technologies. Currently export quality ginger and potato cultivation is carried out. In the coming 5 years, it aims to expand the cultivation of crops over 12,000 hectares and has the target to grow 14 kinds of crops. Through this, it has the aim of emerging as the Asia’s largest agricultural firm, explained Vivekraj.


Impressed by Shahrukh Khan and Prakash Padukone:

Vivek Raj said, “I am inspired by the achievements of Badminton player Prakash Padukone, and Bollywood Superstar Sharukhkhan. Both rose to the top by their own efforts. Encouragement of my wife Amrtaraj, has empowered me to success”.

Global recognition:

The Panama Corporation Limited built by my own efforts without any financial or business family background, holds a prestige in the industry today. In 2010, World Economic Forum has recognised me as Young Global Leader and the Panama Corporation was considered as one among the world’s 200 developed companies. Vivek Raj explained that till date, the organization has retained its fame.

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