UDUPI: With this device, every drop is saved in the fields

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 UDUPI: Water is precious. And in Lokesh Acharya’s farm in Kumbhashi village in Kundapur taluk not a drop is wasted.

Act when the situation desires for it is a wise attitude of Lokesh Acharya, a native of Kumbhashi village in Kundapur taluk. In the peak summer season, each drop of water counts and when the situation across the globe is calling to save water.

An electrician from Sri Kalikamba Industrial Training Centre, Moodbidri, and currently employed with Mico Bosch Company, Bangalore, Lokesh has invented a remote-control device that can regulate water supply in plantations and fields from a distance of about 100 metres.

The device reduces manpower for manual operating of water pumps and saves water at the same time. After completing his primary school education in Mumbai, Lokesh and his family moved to Kundapur. and he inculcated his passion for manufacturing electrical products.

Speaking to TOI, Lokesh said that his idea took shape when he used to see his father struggling to switch on and off the pumpset located in their paddy field about 100 meters from their house. With his keen interest in electrical products, Lokesh decided to find a solution so that his father could operate the pumpset from a distance.

was realized with the invention of this remote control device. Lokesh told TOI that it is when he saw his father struggling to switch on and off the water pump-set located about 100 meter far from their house at a paddy field, he decided to find a solution to operate it through a remote control device.

He devised a remote-controlled device with an encoder, decoder and radio frequency transmitter mechanism. There is no torch needed to spot the pumphouse at night as there is one inbuilt in the remote- control device itself. Lokesh referred several books to develop this device. However, the idea was his own, he adds. Earlier Lokesh had invented a device to segregate paddy and hay using gravitational mechanism. Lokesh added that if the demand arises he would look into the commercial feasibility of selling the device. Ramakrishna Acharya, MD of Sri Kalikamba Industrial Training Centre, Moodbidri, who guided him in the the device segregating paddy from hay is all praise for the young lad. “Lokesh was a talented chap even when he was pursuing his course in the institution. Poverty made him look into the diversified potentialities electronics.”

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