Cattle hooves found inside Daivasthana compound at Uchila, near Ullal

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Mangalore, May 11: It has been reported that disruptive forces aimed at disturbing communal harmony are at work, has been proved once again as cattle hooves were found inside the compound of Daivasthana in Uchila, near Ullal on May 10, Friday.


This is the second such instance taking place in the area within a day of the first incident, which took place on May 9, on the Tulasi Katte of a house near Uchila Bridge.

Ullal police believed that this is the handiwork of the same miscreants, who were involved in the first instance aimed at disrupting the peace in the area. They said, they are on the lookout for those miscreants responsible for such acts.

Local MLA U T Khader has suspected that such acts were the handiwork of some forces which are frustrated over their defeat in the elections. He also requested the people to maintain peace and harmony and asked the police to track down the culprits at the earliest.

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