Brrrrilliant! 15 cute animal gifs to give you the warm fuzzies despite the weather

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IS there snow end to this miserable weather?

Instead of romping through the daffs with the sun in our hair, Brits are facing yet ANOTHER week of arctic chills and blizzards.

And most of us have had just about enough.

But take heart – the wind chill factor may be freezing but we’ve found a way to warm Sun readers up.

Here are 15 animals to help you forget your winter woes and put warmth in your heart. With thanks to, tumblr, and

 1) The gopher who thinks Swan Lake is tutu fabulous.

squirrel dancing

 2) The sloth winding down after a hard day at work.

sloth chilling

 3) The bear who feels a wave of affection for visitors.


waving bear

 4) The pooch who can’t seem to get motivated since his girlfriend left.

dog noms gif

5) The cat who knows you’re never too old for childhood friends.

cat teddy gif

 6) The dog whose pride is now in titters, sorry, tatters.

hedge fail

 7) The baby giraffe getting the Harlem Shake wrong.

scared giraffe

 8) The mutt who nose childish gags are the best.

dog tail gif

 9) The puppy who’s an incurable flirt at heart.


cute puppy gif

 10) The cat who’d prefer a high five next time.


dog and cat gif

 11) The kitty making a paw attempt at hypnosis.


cute cat gif

 12) The pooch who can’t use a dog door just yet.


dog flap gif

 13) The pug who thinks he fooled you.


cute pug gif

 14) The panda who wants to learn Parkour.


panda roll

 15) And this bulldog who’s pretty happy just as he is.


bulldog and baby boy gif

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