Meet Pakistan’s Baba Ramdev-Yogi Haider

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People fighting over religious affiliation of Yoga will surely get an answer after reading this report. Yoga, just like in India, is practiced in Pakistan too. Moreover, there also a ‘Ramdev’ who is the face of of Yoga in Pakistan.

Shamshad Haider, better known as ‘Yogi Haider’ is the head and founder of ‘Yoga Pakistan and Way of Nature’, the organisation which teaches yoga and meditation in Pakistan.


45-year-old known as Yoga teacher is based in Islamabad and has 10,000 Yoga students.

As per reports, Shamshad uses ‘Allah Hoo..’ instead of ‘Om…’ while doing certain asanas.


Haider claims that origin of Yoga is in Pakistan’s Multan region. “Just like Baba Ramdev has taken to Yoga to each and every household in India, I want to spread yoga in Pakistan,” he reportedly told a news channel.

Haider’s wife Shumaila is also a yoga teacher. She was earlier his disciple, later they decided to get married.

Haider’s journey as a Yoga teacher in Pakistan has been a successful run so far.

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