Viral WhatsApp message on dancing Pope is a hoax, could be a virus

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Pope dance

A message on WhatsApp is circulating around the internet, which is holding a video about Pope Francis doing a short dance. Incidentally, the message is a chain letter spreading through the free messaging app and a few other social platforms.

According to media reports, the message includes a virus, which has the ability to wipe out the phone’s internal storage and in some cases, even format the entire smartphone, leaving it to factory defaults.

Though other reports on the internet claim it as a simple hoax and not a potential virus, you should not take any risks. Usually, similar chain messages earlier (just like the WhatsApp voice calling activation hoax), the message could carry a possible link to another website, which could harm your Android device by injecting malware and Trojans into your system. While some may simply be true enough with the actual video in it, you never know what the actual content could be. If you receive a similar message, try stop the chain by now forwarding it to your friends.

According to the video (edited by someone) Pope Francis had (in 2013) stumbled into a praise break in a dramatic fashion. As he got off his elaborate seat at the beginning of the meeting with the College of Cardinals in the Vatican, he seemed to get his feet in a tangle before almost falling over but God got his back. He then styled it out and then laughed off the near disastrous moment and continued as normal, as he embraced Angelo Sodano, the dean of the College of Cardinals. The video has been edited and looped with background music in a funny way that looks like the Pope did a short dance (which is not true).

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