Now, get a cuddly soft-toy version of your beloved pet

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cuddle clone

Wellington: There’s a US company that will make you a customised cuddly toy version of your pet.

The company Cuddle Clones, that will make a custom-made doppelganger of your pet, wants to capture the emotional connection between people and their pets through their customised products, reported.

Cuddle Clones claims it takes requests for anything from a guinea pig to a horse, though dogs make up most of their orders.

Along with sending photographs, customers can then choose customised ear and tail positions, and submit distinguishing features, to ensure their pet is captured in its most lifelike form.

British newspaper The Metro reports that 40 per cent of sales come from people who have lost their pet and want something to remember them by, while regular orders are also made for children in hospital missing their pets at home.

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