3rd suspected case of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS)-like virus in France

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French health authorities said on Friday they suspected a third person of being infected after coming into contact with a man confirmed to be suffering from a new SARS-like virus that has killed 18 people.

“We have a third suspected case this morning, a nurse from Douai” in northern France, the deputy director of the regional ARS health agency, Sandrine Segovia Kueny, told France Bleu Nord radio.

A 65-year-old man is in intensive care in a hospital in Douai after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

French health authorities said late Thursday they feared that two people — a man who had shared a room in hospital with the patient, and a doctor who treated him — may also have been infected.

The results of tests conducted on the three people suspected of being infected were due on Friday afternoon, health authorities said.

The virus, known as nCoV-EMC, is a cousin of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which triggered a scare 10 years ago when it erupted in Asia, leaping to humans from animal hosts and killing some 800 people.

It was first detected in September 2012 and since then more than 30 cases have been reported in different countries, with 18 deaths, including 11 in Saudi Arabia.

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