No cases of Sars-like virus registered in UAE

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There are no cases of novel coronavirus reported in the UAE, an official source at the Ministry of Health has confirmed, adding that the Ministry has taken the necessary measures as per the international standards and recommendations by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Commenting on news reports about a man in France who was diagnosed with NCoV after his return from a trip to the UAE between 9 and 17 April, the source said the Ministry was collaborating with concerned authorities in and outside the UAE, including French health authorities and the WHO.

The WHO confirmed that the virus is not a concern for public health at the moment, and that the current situation does not require to ban travel to any country in the world or screenings on different ports and do not impose any restrictions on trade.

It asked all national authorities to promptly assess and notify the WHO of any new NCoV cases within 24 hours.

“The Ministry of Health reassures that there are very limited diagnosed cases world-wide. There is no need for panic as the Ministry is closely monitoring the situation and taking the necessary precautions to guarantee public safety,” added the sources.

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