In Bengal, Mamata threatens to ‘rock Delhi’ as Modi says he will deport Bangladeshi migrants

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RANAGHAT (West Bengal): Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee on Sunday challenged Narendra Modi to deport any resident of West Bengal and threatened to storm Delhi.

“Let him touch any person, I will rock Delhi,” Banerjee said without taking Modi’s name and accused the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate of doing politics of division to disintegrate the region.

Modi told election rallies, first in Serampore on April 27 and at Asansol on Sunday, that Bangladeshi migrants who were allowed into the country for “vote-bank politics” would be sent back, while refugees who were thrown out of Bangladesh on religious grounds would be greeted with open arms.

Banerjee also accused Modi of ignorance about Bengal’s history.

“He does not know the history of the nation, heritage and culture of Bengal and is only doing politics to disintegrate this region by pitting one against other and playing politics of division, which will not be allowed.”

She pointed out that during undivided India and Bengal people came here from other parts to live and said Modi was unnecessarily creating a rift between Bengali and non-Bengalis.

“I have never seen politics at such a low,” the West Bengal chief minister said addressing a poll rally here in Nadia district where election will be held in the last phase on April 12.

“If a party can go to this extent without being in power, it will definitely burn the country if it comes to power,” she said alluding to the BJP.

Banerjee also attacked Congress and CPM for spreading canards against her and speaking lies, and referred to alleged concerted efforts by opposition parties, including the BJP, to defeat Trinamool Congress.

“We knew about such practice of CPM for the last 34 years, but if Congress follows them what will be the fate of the nation?” she wondered.

“Now the BJP is speaking what CPM is saying. Congress is also walking on the same path. A section of media is also helping them to carry on this campaign against Trinamool Congress. But they will not succeed,” Banerjee cautioned.

She asserted that the BJP would not be able to win a single seat in Bengal including that of Darjeeling, which they won in 2009.

Earlier in the day, lashing out at the Trinamool Congress for claiming to be a do-gooder for Muslims, Narendra Modi said the minority community was far better-off in his state Gujarat than West Bengal.

“Muslims in West Bengal have to force the Trinamool Congress government to do politics of development for them instead of indulging in vote-bank politics,” he said.

Raising the issue of Bangladeshi migrants who were allowed into the country for “vote-bank politics”, Modi said they would have to go back, while refugees who have been thrown out of Bangladesh on religious grounds would be greeted with open arms.

“BJP’s position is very clear, vote-bank politics has destroyed the country … Those who are Bangladeshi infiltrators, will have to go back,” he said.

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