No serious voter would vote for Rakhi Sawant, says AAP’s Mayank Gandhi

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The election season has launched a war of words between candidates. Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Mayank Gandhi, who is the party’s candidate from the Mumbai North West constituency, criticised the candidature of Rakhi Sawant, who threw her hat into the ring in the same constituency with the launch of her own party, the Rashtriya Aam Party (RAP).
“Rakhi Sawant ko maja maarne wali janta vote degi,” said Gandhi.

He commented further, “It’s (her contesting elections) for entertainment. She has nothing to offer. What I

mean is that no serious voter would vote for Rakhi. Look at the funny costume she wears. One day, she says Narendra Modi is my hero. Next day, she floats her own party.”

But, Sawant gave back in equal measure, saying that Gandhi was scared. She replied, “A man who doesn’t respect women has no authority to contest elections.”

She further added, “Mayank Gandhi ki taange hil chuki hai, kaleja phat chukka hai, uski neend gayab ho

gayi hai, usko darr lag raha hai. AAP, meri party RAP se darr gaya hai. (Mayank Gandhi’s feet are quivering; he has no belly for the fight and he is losing sleep. He is scared. AAP is scared of RAP) Many people from AAP have joined RAP, and he is scared.”

‘Spending crores’
Meanwhile, Gandhi also launched an attack on Congress and Shiv Sena candidates, saying the parties had exceeded the Rs 70 lakh spending limit for campaigning set by the Election Commission (EC).

“We have already sent 7 complaints to the EC for their violation of the model code of conduct,” he told mid-day.

Gandhi claimed he had a lead of 1 lakh in his constituency, and that even Marathi voters had been won over.

“After Balasaheb’s death, it seems the loyalty of Marathi voters has changed. They had a personal bond with Balasaheb, which they don’t have with Raj or Uddhav. Hence, I feel they are looking for honest candidates and moving towards AAP,” he stated.

Rs 72 lakh
Amount Rakhi Sawant owes Income Tax Department

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