“I wasn’t kissed, it’s a conspiracy”; says actor turned politician Nagma

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nagma in Meerut

Campaigning in the interiors of the country is actress Nagma, for the Congress. But so far, the only headlines she seems to be making consist of allegations of “groping” and “molestation”.

The first incident, at Meerut, was widely reported and the second one, at Meerut again, hit headlines after it was claimed she “slapped” a rowdy member of the audience who had, well, gotten a little too close for comfort.

Nagma, however, has left everyone surprised with her vehement denials.

“I don’t know why I’m being targeted like this. How can I get groped or molested every single day? Of course, I’m campaigning and the rallies have their ups and downs, but this is ridiculous. I was not groped or molested I really do feel this could be a political conspiracy,” the actress said.

She added that her belief was backed by the fact that she was campaigning in Opposition territory.

“It could be that the Opposition candidates are trying to cook up something, you never know. I am currently campaigning in areas that are really important for the Opposition. Also, it’s common that there will be hordes who just want a glimpse of a celebrity who is campaigning for a party and of course, there will be hundreds.”

She added, “I just feel these molestation reports are being blown out of proportion.”

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