Woman dies while trying to save daughter from being molested

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Hyderabad: A woman died in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh while trying to save her 21-year-old daughter from sexual assault by some drunk men.

On Monday night, the 48-year-old woman had gone shopping with her daughter when a drunk man reportedly groped her daughter in a local market.

The woman confronted him and his friends gathered around him in support. As the argument grew, the group of men reportedly pushed her onto the road and she was hit by a truck.

The woman was rushed to hospital in an ambulance by her daughter. She died a few hours later.

The woman’s daughter, a college student, says there was a senior police officer who ignored her calls for help when her mother was arguing with the men.

Six men have reportedly been arrested. A senior police officer denied local media reports that they are the sons of local politicians, and that their identity is being protected because of their influential families.

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