Holy Quran classes in Braille first for Kerala

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The south Indian state of Kerala, will a campaign go door-to-door teaching the visually impaired  to read the Holy Quran in Braille.

According to local media reports, this a first for the state, many residents of which live and work in the UAE and across the Middle East.

The campaign is being conducted by the Assabah Society for the Blind, and the braille versions of the Quran are imported it from the Gulf, according to one official quoted in the report.

The campaign is expected to reach around 75,000 blind and visually impaired people across the state, who are incapable of reading Arabic in Braille.

The classes have already been inaugurated by SP Mammookoya, a 73-year-old blind man, reciting the Quran with the help of PA Abdul Kareem, a teacher in the Kolathara Calicut School for the handicapped in Kozhikode.

Female teachers will hold the free classes for women , male trainers will do the same for men every Saturday and Sunday. The association has so far received around 500  applications from the district.

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