Sharjah Police arrest 2 for murder; Probe leads to illegal residents’ hideout

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Deputy Police Chief of Sharjah calls on the public not to shield or employ those violating residency laws

Sharjah Police have solved a case involving the murder of a Bangladeshi man with the arrest of two men, also Bangladeshi nationals.

The murder took place in a four-room apartment in Sharjah where a large number of illegals were residing.

The Sharjah Police received a phone call informing of a foul smell emanating from an apartment on the fourth floor of a building When the police broke into the locked apartment they found the body of a man, which after forensics and medical examination was identified as the Bangladeshi victim – JT.

The police also discovered that the apartment was divided into separate living quarters each with mattresses, gas cylinders and kitchen stoves.

Investigations revealed that the victim had been staying there with a large number of Asians, as many as 35, all suspected of violating the of residency laws in the country.

They all disappeared after the crime.

The police then launched a manhunt for those staying there which finally led them to the two suspects.

The suspects confessed that they murdered the victim due to personal differences.

Brigadier Abdullah Mubarak, Deputy Police Chief of Sharjah, said the crime reflects the dangers of residency violators living in the country and the threat they posed to residents.

Brigadier Mubarak called for those who rented these apartments to such illegals to be held accountable.

He also called on members of the public not to shield or employ those violating residency laws.


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