Bihar MP, Pappu Yadav harasses Air hostess

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Expelled Lok Sabha MP of RJD, Pappu Yadav allegedly behaved rudely with an airhostess when he was travelling by Jet Airways from Patna to Delhi.

The Airhostess complaint that Pappu Yadav threatened her to beat with his “Chappal”. The Airhostess gave a written complaint which was certified by the Captain of the plane. The Captain lamented that it is shameful for the Lawmakers to behave indecently with Aircraft crew and to get away free of any charge.

Pappu Yadav denied the incident and questioned why she didn’t report to police. He clarified that he has nothing to do with incident. The other four passenger of Business Class had some problem with Air hostess. They should be questioned.

It is reported that asked Yadav did not comply with the instructions of the crew to put his seat in an upright position and to switch off his cell phone despite repeated request. Pappu Yadav dropped the dessert on his bag kept near his feet and ordered the crew to clean it. He also told the crew that MPs don’t do this work. He took off his chappal and threatened to beat the crew member.

The Supervisor of the flight informed Captain Rajesh Singh Sehgal about Yadav’s misbehavior. In turn Captain Sehgal alerted Delhi Air Traffic Control about the incident

The complainant reported that Pappu Yadav refuse to upright his seat and unfastened his seat belt. After opening the doors, he manhandled with the airhostess. She was in tears with his behavior and informed the Captain.

The Captain came out of the cockpit and instructed passengers to return to their seats as Mr. Rajesh Ranjan was shouting on top of his voice, “I am an MP and no one can do anything to me”.

When Pappu Yadav came out of the plane Captain Sehgal asked the Security Staff to take Yadav away from the plane so that other flyers could alight but no action was taken by the security staff. Since the complaint was filed with the police, Jet Airways staff could not dare to take action against Pappu Yadav whose wife is also an M.P.

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