Rahul Gandhi takes on Modi’s ‘suit boot ki sarkar’ over farmer debate in Parliament

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New Delhi: Do not hit farmers with the land ordinance axe, a resolute Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi told the Narendra Modi government in Parliament on Monday.

Back and fresh from his 57-day leave, Gandhi’s attack on the government’s farmer policies was unwavering and intense.

He dissed the government for its “corporate-friendly approach”, calling it a “suit boot ki sarkar”.

“What about the plight of farmers?” Gandhi asked, berating the government for the falling agricultural growth rate, which is now one per cent.

The Centre’s land ordnance came in for particular mention, with Gandhi asking Modi to personally look into the matter. “You talk about strengthening the country, but what will be the result of this land ordnance? 60 per cent of the country is dependent on agriculture, why are you hurting the country then?” he asked Modi, who was not present in the House.

Gandhi praised the UPA’s endeavours to strengthen minimum support price for produces. “That is how they gave us a green revolution,” he said.

He didn’t fail to take a dig at the government ‘achhe din’ slogan, stating this ‘achhe din’ government has been able to ensure only an increase of five per cent in credit, while the UPA government managed 20 per cent each year.

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