How foreign media covered India’s Operation Rahat while Indian mainstream media was caught watching IPL

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Foreign media like CNN, BBC, New York Times and Washington Post have covered India’s successful Yemen rescue operation “Operation Raahat”.

BBC went right on ground with an Air India plane to cover it from Yemen’s war zone. While CNN covered how our Air force works to help the operation right from New Delhi Airport. But disappointingly Indian mainstream media neither covered it from home nor went overseas to Yemen to cover the mega operation.

While Indian govts’ man on the ground for operation rahat, general V.K Singh was present right in Yemen’s capital Sana braving bombs and fire, our mainstream media here was covering his tweets on them as headline news.


Here are videos by CNN and BBC, to help us understand how the Indian Air Force and Air India working with other defence forces and the govt. helped rescue more than 4000 Indians and many foreigners for which India has gained a lot of praise worldwide, not to say earned many friends.

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