4 Ways to Kick-Start Your Creativity

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You pleaded and persuaded the higher management at work for weeks. All this for them to handover the responsibility of that biggest project of the year you were eyeing upon. And as soon as you bagged that ‘big’ thing, you are facing the most dreaded time of all – lack of creative instincts. Suddenly everything seems bottled up and you are struggling hard to come forward with a blockbuster plan, but alas the deadline nears!

Have you ever faced such a situation in life? Fret no more. Because luckily there are many ways by which you can jumpstart your creativity by humming your creative engine steadily. Here are four of those:

1. Check your guts on almost daily basis. Ever heard of the idiom, “The only easy day was yesterday”? Yes, that’s what tough challenges in life teach us. Craft a personal challenge for yourself on daily basis. These challenges need not be mammoth in nature, but should be super simple in nature. Like, where you run an extra minute on the treadmill on the speed of 12, or where you drink that extra bottle of water in your daily water intake. The gist here is to stretch the psychological rubber band in a metaphorical way on daily basis. This trick would ensure growth, learning and improvement.

2. Indulge in random but mindful activities. Just loiter around in your lobby area or your office reception space and let your mind jog through miscellaneous stuff. This could be as inconsequential as grabbing a magazine or watching a TV show midway. The trick here is not to catch the plot, but to focus upon the phrases and emotions, further filling the gaps in the mind. Hence, kick-starting a stream of new ideas.

3. Get into the act of writing to-do lists. Creating purposeful and organised lists is another brilliant way by which you can de-tangle your stuck-up stream of thoughts. Just sit in a quiet corner and list our as many answers you can on the very project, which are creating problems for you. Just be spontaneous and allow your subconscious mind to take the lead.

4. Start to work in a constraint environment, by posing a few limitations for yourself. It might seem like a next-to-impossible task, but believe us when we say having too many resources at hand can also at times stifle creativity. Start ahead by sticking to a timeline or date, or using limited number of resources at hand. Think of your problem as within a box, and work your way around that very box. You could also make use of artificial deadlines, human capital and budgets as constraints.

There you have it, our top 4 ways to let your creative juices flowing. Can you think of many such more? Write to us in the comments section below!

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