Indian bride refused to be accepted by husband, what she did next shocked her in-laws!

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Bihar: An Indian bride in Begusarai district, Bihar has decided to sit on an indefinite strike until her husband & in-laws accept her with open arms!

19-year-old Priti, a class 12th student was all ready in her bridal avatar awaiting her groom and ‘baraat’, but to her horror it was only the ‘baraat’, which arrived at her place.

Priti initially got married last year to one Dhiraj Thakur, a teacher in a government school and this year she was waiting to be taken back to her in-laws’ home.

Although, the wedding was far from what traditional Indian weddings are; Dhiraj’s family alleges that Priti’s family abducted him and forced him to marry Priti.

Dhiraj and his parents are now refusing to accept this forced matrimony and they are in no mood to let Priti be a part of their lives.

However, Priti’s parents are now blaming Dhiraj and his parents for demanding 5 lakh as dowry and creating fake stories to nullify the wedding proposition.

Priti who felt like being a victim in this entire drama, decided to take matters in her own hands. She traveled all alone to her husband’s home (near her maternal village) and demanded to be let in.

After she was refused, Priti began an indefinite strike outside their home. Citing a sensitive issue the local police is keeping an eye on this whole drama to avoid conflicts within village.

It’s been 48 hours and Priti is in no mood to budge!

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