Man chops coconut in two resting on wife’s throat with a machete

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Bhramharamba and Balashankar Budati are a stunt couple from India ,their stunts usually involve Balashankar smashing things on his wife. This video features a coconut on Bhramharamba’s neck being smashed by her husband with a machete.

According to the Daily Mail, the stunts feature Bhramharamba in the firing line while her husband Balashankar uses some sharp weapon or other to destroy an object placed somewhere on his wife’s body.

The couple will be featured in the first episode of World’s Most Talented, in which competitors from different countries face off against one another to decide which one has the most impressive skills.

In the first episode, India meets Romania, with the Budati couple representing their homeland against a Romanian unicyclist who balances precariously on the edge of a dam.

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