Desire for a baby boy- Man sacrifices an innocent child.

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MEERUT, February 12th: In a weird incident, a man not only abducted a four-year-old boy, but also handed the child over a tantrik couple. The little boy’s body was pierced with pins and he was injected sedatives and kept in a large wooden box. Once the brutal rituals were completed, he was strangulated to death. All this to ensure a male child for his abductor.

Police has arrested the culprits on Tuesday and said that the main accused (Ravindra) has three daughters and was desperately trying for a baby boy. The incident was reported from Rali Chauhan village where Ravindra lives with his wife Pooja and their three daughters.

Police said the couple came in touch with a tantric duo (Shiyanand and Sangeeta) and was advised to get a boy to them for some essential rituals. Ravindra and his wife agreed to do so and also committed a sum of Rs 25,000 to the tantrik couple when their baby boy was born.

SSP S S Baghel said, on February 2nd, four-year-old son of Anil Kumar disappeared from the front of his house. After their attempts to find the child failed, the parents registered a complaint at Bhawanpur police station on February 4th. On February 9th, police found the body of the child in the outskirts of the village. During investigation, police also employed a dog squad and eventually discovered that Shiyanand and his wife were involved in the brutal act.

The SSP further said that after thorough investigation, it came to light that Ravindra had abducted the child and had given him to the tantric couple. Soon after, the child was administered sedatives and kept in a wooden box for three days. On February 5th, the trio – Ravindra, Shiyanand and Sangeeta went to a secluded place near a tube well in the village and began the rituals. They burned incense sticks on the child’s stomach and after reciting mantras, pierced his body with numerous pins. On the night of February 7th, the boy was strangulated to death by Ravindra and Shiyanand in the presence of Sangeeta.

After investigating for a while, police finally arrested Shiyanand, Sangeeta and Ravindra on Tuesday.

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