After Delhi defeat Kiran Bedi returns security cover

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New Delhi: BJP’s Chief Ministerial nominee Kiran Bedi who was provided Y-plus security ahead of the Delhi Assembly polls, today returned her security cover after facing a shocking defeat at the hands of AAP.

Bedi who had earlier in the day offered her apologies for not being able to live up to the expectations of the BJP, stepped out of her house in the evening for a short while to speak to one of the security personnel deputed for her security.

She was been accorded Y-plus security after being announced as tBJP’s he CM candidate.

The 65 year-old former cop who chose to remain quiet after having kept her side of the story as soon as her defeat was formally announced from the once BJP stronghold Krishna Nagar constituency, asked the security personnel not to come from Wednesday.

“Don’t come from tomorrow, I would not be needing any security from tomorrow. Thank you, you should leave now,” Bedi told one of the security men.

The decision to give Kiran Bedi Y-security was taken after lawyers in the capital condemned BJP’s decision to nominate her as its chief ministerial candidate for the Delhi Assembly polls.

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