Delhi Assembly elections: All exit polls say its Kejriwah!

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New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal will have a second shot at power as chief minister of Delhi with the Aam Aadmi Party set to form government on its own, if the predictions of the exit polls conducted on Saturday come true.

Six out of the seven exit polls predicted a comfortable win for the AAP, which ran a minority government for 49 days with outside support from the Congress before quitting in a huff in February last year, with one of the exit polls predicting as high as 53 seats for the party.

However, the Data Mineria exit poll predicted the BJP would get 35 seats and the AAP would be the runner-up with 31 seats. All polls predicted that the Congress, which ruled Delhi for 15 years under Sheila Dikshit, was facing a rout, with its strength set to go below five seats. The figures for the AAP ranged from 35 to 53 seats, while for the BJP they were 17 to 33 seats.

While the C Voter exit poll predicted that the AAP will win 35-43 seats, the BJP 25-33 and the Congress 0-2, AXIS/APM projected a landslide win for the AAP with 53 seats, with the BJP finishing a distant second with just 17 seats. It projected that the Congress would draw a blank.

Today’s Chanakya, whose exit poll after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was spot on, predicted that the AAP will win 48 seats, the BJP 22 and the Congress a blank.

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