Exploded Pakistani boat was carrying liquor: report

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NEW DELHI- A suspected Pakistani boat claimed by India’s ruling party to be on a suspicious mission exploded in the Arabian Sea following a chase, but the Indian Express reported on Friday that the boat seemed to be on routine trip when it was intercepted.

“Less than 48 hours after the Coast Guard destroyed a vessel it claimed was ferrying explosives and terrorists from Pakistan into Indian waters, new evidence has begun to emerge that the victims of the operation might have been small-time liquor and diesel smugglers, transporting bootleg cargo from the port of Gwadar to other fishing boats,” the Express said, citing unnamed sources.

According to the report, the fishing boat did not have an engine capable of outrunning Indian interceptors.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry was unclear whether the incident had happened at all.

In a press release, the Indian Ministry of Defence said, “A fishing boat from Keti Bunder near Karachi was planning some illicit transaction in Arabian Sea.”

Meanwhile, other Indian reports said Pakistan-based terrorist groups are trying to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir by taking advantage of the cross-border firing.

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