Duo youths convicted for taking video of naked dead body.

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SURAT, December 30: Two youth were convicted by a local court in Valsad for taking video of a dead unclothed woman in post mortem room around four years ago. The convicts were sentenced two years jail and Rs 6,000 cash fine by the court on Wednesday.

Ketan Rathod, 23, and Manoj Patel, 26, both resident of Valsad, were sentenced two years jail and cash fine for taking video of a dead body in post mortem room in 2011 and sharing it. The convicts were employed in post mortem room of Civil Hospital at Valsad. They were responsible for stitching and cleaning dead bodies after post mortem.

Govind Patel’s daughter Shruti was found murdered on August 13th, 2011 and her body was sent for post mortem. Patel came to know on August 17th from a known person that a video of his daughter’s unclothed dead body is with Manoj Patel, a resident near Bapa Sitaram Temple in Valsad. He nabbed Manoj and alerted police. Police detained him and during questioning Manoj informed police that he was on duty on the day when the post mortem was carried out. He was cleaning the body after post mortem when Ketan, a resident of Civil Hospital Road, came and shot a video.

Ketan later shared the video with Manoj. Cops had arrested the duo and recovered the video.

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