Another Muslim family of 12 becomes Hindu in Agra

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Agra: The national furor raised by the Ved Nagar ‘reconversion’ issue of over 300 Muslims in Agra is yet to settle down, when another Muslim family of 12 has voluntarily converted to Hinduism in Achhnera tehsil of Agra, changing their names to reflect their new religious identity on Christmas.

At a time when the Government of India is under pressure to explain the ‘reconversion’ movement operated by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and other Hindu organizations, this new reconversion in Agra could drag it down deeper into muddy waters.

Gatheli Ram, who was known as Rehmat Ali just a few days earlier, said that his family was the original resident of Ole town in Mathura district and about 25 years back, they came to Dawli village of Malpura in Achhnera Tehsil of Agra. He said that they had no identity documents or documentary residence proof like Ration Cards of either Ole or Dawli, but they could prove their nationality through numerous family relations they had in the region. He said that he hoped he will get identity documents like Aadhar card soon, however he refused to link this to his recent conversion to Hinduism and said that his decision to become Hindu was completely voluntary.

Luv Pandit, a local RSS operative who claims he is inspired by the Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said that he organised this reconversion event after the mega reconversion in Aligarh on Christmas was postponed due to political pressure. He said that he was merely a facilitator in this reconversion and it was completely the choice of Rehmat Ali to become Gatheli Ram. He said that this family of laborers has expressed their full faith in Hinduism and are openly expressing their joy in becoming Hindu.

Although the local police is investigating the matter to ascertain if any form of coercion was involved in the conversion, the Muslims of Agra are not willing to take this issue lying down, claiming that the entire matter reeked of the duplicity of Hindu organizations, who were openly forcing Muslims into accepting the Hindu faith, in full support of the local administration.

National All Party Muslim Action Committee chief Haji Jamiluddin said that the Dawli reconversion was fake and the communal Hindus were trying to damage the secular fabric of the country. He demanded that the government should take strict action in this matter. Hindustani Biradari secretary and social activist Ziauddin said that some people are deliberately stoking up the fire of religious conversions in order to create unrest in the country and such elements should be stopped at all costs. He said that this appears to be a political strategy to capture the maximum votes in the 2017 UP assembly elections and such people are not bothered about the country or the people.

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