Modern One rupee currency note to be issued by the government.

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New Delhi, December 27: After 20 years, one rupee notes are to make a comeback, according to a Ministry of Finance notification.

The notification said that, the new Re 1 currency notes will have a different look – pink-green on the front and back in combination with others.

The notification said that unlike other currency notes, the Re 1 notes will be issued by the government.

“It contains the words ‘Bharat Sarkar’ above the words ‘Government of India’ with the year 2015 on the representation of the Re 1 coin with the rupee symbol having floral design and the surrounding design consists of picture of ‘Sagar Samrat’, the oil exploration platform and with the authentic rendering of value in fifteen Indian languages in language panel with the year figure shown on the centre bottom in international number,” the notification said.

As per the norms, the currency note will be signed by the Finance Secretary and other denominations will continue to have the sings of the Governor of Reserve Bank of India.

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