How To Prevent A Breakup

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Is it possible to prevent a breakup? Well, this is the toughest question to answer. Some things are in our hands and some things aren’t.

Ways To Get Over A Break Up

We can always act on what’s in our hands and leave the rest to destiny or time. If one of the partners deeply want to walk out, nothing could be done.

A relationship goes ahead only if both the partners want it to go ahead. One can’t force things on the other; at least not for long; sooner or later, things may go haywire.

6 Mean Things Guys Do After A Breakup

Most of us wonder how to stop a breakup before it happens. Frankly speaking, you can give your best to the relationship and see what the outcome is going to be. Beyond that, if breakups can really be prevented, there wouldn’t be so many broken relationships in this world.

But yes, sometimes things can be sorted out. Let us discuss about certain things.

How To Prevent A Breakup


When you want to stop a break up, the first thing you must do is to express your feelings to your partner. Though things are not totally in your hands, expressing your love is always in your hands. Do it to let your partner know how much you love him or her and why you would hate a break up. This might help.


When you express your concerns, be a bit analytical about how the future would be without this relationship. When you are analytical, putting your emotions aside for a while, your partner will get the scope to look into the matter and understand things in a better way. If you are lucky enough, your partner would understand why breaking up would be a bad thing to do.

Take A Break

Once you have done your bit, breathe deeply and relax. You can now take a break and give enough space for your partner to think well. There is nothing else one can do beyond explaining the repercussions and the consequences of a break up. If your partner understands, it is fine.

See What Happens

You will soon know the outcome. If your partner can understand your point of view and values the relationship, a breakup can be prevented. But if he or she is already prepared to move on or find someone else, it would be time to console yourself.

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